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February 3, 2023

The DMZ – An Ethical Proxy?

The DMZ - An Ethical Proxy

When I first heard about the DMZ  or the “Double Proxy”, I could not understand it because it did not make sense. Particularly because, if you are using a router, why would you want to do that?

What is DMZ?

The Double Proxy is a server that acts like a proxy. It forwards on requests to clients, thus blocking direct access for hackers and other unwanted visitors. Double proxies are sometimes used by organizations to protect these networks from objectionable content, or to keep data from being revised about the users of the network.

Generally an ISP will have many users on a network. However, since they have limited bandwidth, and many users will be using the same connection, there will be some that use the same computer, and be stored on the same hard drive. If there is any data being shared, it can be accessed by anyone.

If you have several computers that are using the same connection, you can run them as different “scenes”. Each computer will have its own DMZ. The DMZ will be used to store some private data such as the Operating System, tax returns, etc. It can also be used to run some home network services, such as file sharing, ftp, and DNS.

The Double Proxy

When you first start your router, you are presented with a choice of protocols to use. You can choose from, OpenVPN, PPTP, or SSL/TLS. Each offers a different way of providing online protection. However, the main advantage of using the double proxy is that it opens up your router to the Internet. This means you are able to use any of the greatest online firewalls, and confidential shut offs such as those employed by banks. What’s better is that using this equipment, you are able to make your network dream come true. It is amazing to think that this technology is actually built into your very own computer.

Run Different Programs – Run Different Programs

If you have different versions of programs running in your DMZ, then you can run those programs on different units. For example, if you have Excel and Quicktime running in your DMZ, you can run either Excel or Quicktime. Or you can have your browser running in your DMZ, and use another program such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Use Internet Service Provider Settings – Beware of Privacy Laws

I haven’t mentioned much about the router yet. The reason is that the default settings are very limiting. However, before you start messing with the security of your computer, you might want to learn how to use a proxy server. This is the simplest solution to the majority of problems. If you do not know how to use a proxy server, ask any manual you have for information.

All legitimate programs will need to respect your privacy. End users are well aware that their software is not perfect. Bugs are discovered, and security flaws are found and exploited. It is only common sense to ensure that your system is as secure as possible.

Unfortunately, the world of e-commerce is far away from this ideal. It is very likely that the next person to find a bug in your software is going to give a away about it. So it makes sense to tackle these issues head-on, before anyone else does.

DMZ servers are becoming a popular solution for businesses and individuals who have sensitive data or important information on their computer. The extra layers of security that are used to protect the data are beneficial, as the documents and data are not accessible to anyone except for you.

While the use of DMZ servers does mean that your browsing experience is somewhat limited, it does give you an extra layer of security. You may not be able to run everything set to default, but everything should be fine without being too far off from the ideal. Check out DMZ technology for more information.

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