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May 30, 2023

How Solar Panels Will Change The World

Everyone is excited about the potential of solar energy, but there’s a lack of clarity and action. The solution is simple: install more solar panels. The benefits to the world are almost too numerous to mention, such as bringing clean electricity to everyone who doesn’t already have access, reducing air pollution, and even saving endangered animals from extinction. There are several ways that solar panels will change the world, starting with electric vehicles (EVs). In this blog post we will explore how solar panels may change the world in five key ways over the next decade.

Solar Panels Will Be Used For Home Ownership

For decades now, solar panels have been the dream of homeowners looking to bring independence to their homes with clean, inexpensive electricity. In the future, this will be even easier with the growing popularity of solar power at home. The largest reason for this is likely the increase in solar panel prices. In the past, solar panels were too expensive to be practical, but now they are much more accessible. With prices dropping dramatically in recent years, homeowners are finally able to make the switch to solar power with confidence and ease.

Solar Panels Will Be Used For Commercial Property Ownership

Solar power is most popular in building-integrated photovoltaic systems. For example, a large skyscraper in China recently set a new world record by generating more than 5,500 MWh of energy in one year, almost half of which was from solar panels. This shows that large-scale solar is a possible solution for commercial property owners too. The costs of solar power have continued to fall and are now at a point where it’s not only a viable option for commercial properties, but even for small-scale rooftop systems. This means that many more businesses will be turning to solar for electricity.

Solar Panels Will Save The Environment By Reducing Air Pollution

One of the biggest benefits of solar panels is their ability to reduce air pollution. Consider that roughly 2/3 of all electricity in the US is produced using fossil fuels, while only 1% comes from renewable sources like solar panels. This means that the rest of the country is breathing in harmful fossil fuel emissions. With more rooftop solar installed in the US, there will be less pollution to begin with. This means that less fossil fuel energy is needed to produce electricity, reducing emissions and air pollution. The more solar panels there are, the less pollution they will emit, so they make the environment cleaner too!

Solar Panels Will Help Endangered Animals By Off Grid Living

One of the great benefits of rooftop solar power is that it can be used to help endangered animals and even remote communities that are cut off from the grid. For example, in developing countries like Kenya, where there is limited access to clean water, solar panels can be used to create year-round water sources for animals that need it the most. This can be used to provide water for elephants during the dry seasons, or even provide drinking water for other animals that live in remote regions. While the solar panels can be used for this purpose, the real value is in providing electricity for the people that need it. Off grid solar is one of the most important ways that solar panels will change the world.


With rooftop solar available in many more places and in more forms than ever before, the future of solar panels is bright. New innovations such as solar energy storage are also making the transition to solar power more affordable and accessible. There’s really no reason why solar panels can’t change the world in five key ways over the next decade.

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